We inform, engage, and unite people of Lexington with locally-crafted news, education and public-affairs, as well as music programming for everybody.
Our listeners hear their friends & neighbors discuss Lexingtonʼs happenings, celebrate our challenges & successes, and tell Lexingtonʼs local stories.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization working with hundreds of businesses, community leaders, nonprofit groups, and public agencies. Let us introduce your people to our people, and expand your connections across the community. The more allies we have, the stronger each of us becomes.


General Station Underwriting


$350(First 6-Month Period)
$400/Period thereafter
  • Minimum 10 Day-Time* Plays / Week
  • Variable Amount of After-Hour** Plays / Week

Individual spots available for $15

* Between 6am – 10pm   |   ** – Between 10pm – 6am

Specific Show Underwriting


$250/ 6-Month Period
Does Not Include 24-Hour Spots
  • Includes 1 Spot per show
  • Spot will be in podcast (if available)
$400/ year
Get noticed on our website.
  • Banner Ad on homepage
  • Text Sponsorship mention in footer on all pages
$400/ year
Your announcement as pre-roll on all podcasts in period.
  • Includes 1 Spot at beginning of all podcasts
$50/ month
Sponsorship mention in monthly newsletter
  • Banner ad in that months newsletter