Voter Empowerment I: Laying the Groundwork with KFTC

In this episode of the Power to the People, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth explores the who, what, when, where and why of voting in Kentucky. As we dive into our pre-election voter empowerment work at KFTC this fall, we take a look at underrepresented populations in Kentucky, and think about how me might lift up those voices to build a just economy.

In the first half of the show, we’ll hear from University of Kentucky Law professor Joshua Douglas, an electoral law scholar and author of the new book Election Law Stories. We’ll also see what KFTC is doing to get more Kentuckians registered and to the polls this election season.

In the second half, we’ll hear from Lexingtonian Jimmy Cheatham on why voting is important to him after not being able to vote for several years. And finally, we’ll talk with staff member Erik Hungerbuhler on how to get registered and volunteer with us before Election Day.


Produced by Maria Starck, Macy Gould, Anna Ross and Meredith Wadlington

Special thanks to Chuck Clenney, Beth Howard, Joshua Douglas, LexTran, God’s Pantry Food Bank, and Richard Young




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