Spotlight on "Puro pa la Banda" and "Mezcla Latina!!"

Pictured:  Females (Flor de Toloache), Males Hipólito Perez (left), Esau Perez (right)
Father and son Hipólito Perez and Esau Perez are the dream team. They also bring on Mitzy Vanessa Perez, Esau’s sister. Hipólito Perez is the owner of Productos Naturales and has a show on health Fridays 2-3 pm, called “Tu Salud es Primero.” He also has a show called, “Puro pa’ la Banda” Mondays from 1-3 pm with regional music from México. Esaú is a new husband and father. His show, “La Mezcla Latina” involves modern Latino music and inspiring interviews with musicians, such as the all-female Mariachi band “Flor de Toloache” from New York. He has also interviewed aspiring new local musicians, such as Irene Alcaraz. The two have been organizing a fall family event for the Latino Community on October 15th.  This event will take place in the Alexandria Dr. and Versailles Rd. area behind Productos Naturales.  The Hispanic Community is very excited for this event to happen.
Tune in to “Puro pa’ La Banda”  Mondays/Lunes 1-3 pm and “Tu Salud es lo Primero” Fridays/Viernes 2-3 pm. “Mezcla Latina” is Fridays/Viernes 1-2 pm on WLXL 95.7! 

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