SPOTLIGHT on Los Tres Bucaneros!


Pictured: Jorge Zuniga, Karla Villalobos, Hugo Ximello

The Tres Bucaneros, or The Three Bucaneers, are something like the Three Amigos of Lexington Community Radio on El Pulso Latino 95.7 FM.  Karla Villalobos is the queen of comedy on this show with her accomplices Jorge Zuniga and Hugo Ximello. The Three Bucaneros aim to brighten up each morning.  They constantly remind their listeners “Live each day like it were the last day!” They live their lives this way too. You may just have to smile when listening to their boisterous, sometimes nonsensical comedy. Jorge Zuniga is part of and advocates strongly for the equality of the LGBTQ Latino community along with Karla and Hugo. They were also in charge of putting together the Bucana’s Fundraiser for LCR on August 26, 2016 at Bucana’s Night Club. Callers from all over the world have been tuning into Los Tres Bucaneros. What a small place the world is!


Tune in to “Tres Bucaneros” M,Th,F/Lunes, Jueves, Viernes 8-12 pm and T, W/Martes y Miércoles 8-10 am on WLXL 95.7!

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