Get your health on with Vida y Salud con Lilia Vega!

Meet Lilia Vega: she is LCR’s first Spanish-language health enthusiast on El Pulso Latino. After suffering from health problems years ago, Lilia decided to take the reigns on her health, spurring her to choose a life-style of better choices in nutrition, spirituality, and exercise. In her program she guides us step-by-step with tips on health, culture, and beauty according to her own experiences. She touches on all aspects of wellness: spirit, body, and mind.

Lilia hails from Mexico, and is actually on a trip there now. She has three thriving children who are just as eager as her to see the beauty in life: Amanda, who is studying hospital administration at the University of Kentucky and her son, Eric, who also has his own radio show on El Pulso Latino called, “El Punchis Punchis.”Please join us in welcoming Lilia to LCR and don’t forget to tune into “Vida y Salud” on WLXL 95.7 FM.

Tune into “Vida y Salud” Tuesdays @ 1 pm on WLXL 95.7 LPFM! 

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