Keeping it old school with Hendrick Floyd…You can’t miss Hendrick’s show composed entirely of tapes. He plays anything from hip hop to classic rock. “Some of you might already be onto me. Some may not. But I have an ALL CASSETTE SHOW called H.I.S.S. & H.E.R.S. on 93.9 WLXU FM EVERY Friday 3-4pm (EST). A lot of you know that I am cassette obsessed. I have personally released many cassettes. This is how I give back to the culture. Tune in. Not local? Wanna stream it? Download the Tunein App and plug in WLXU. Holler at me!”

–Hendrick Floyd

Tune into H.I.S.S. & H.E.R.S. from 3-4 pm Fridays on WLXU 93.9 FM!

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