Spotlight on Anna Brailow!! 


Anna Brailow is an intern from Transylvania University. She creates our news drop three times a week for WLXU and has her own show. ” What I was going for was an LGBT News Program that shared news headlines and information about events that don’t get talked about too often, events that get talked about but could use some “fleshing out” so to speak, and even historical events. I try to elaborate on a set of a few stories rather than going through multiple headlines at once so that there’s more to take in and remember. While this method does leave out important stories, it does more justice to the stories I do talk about.” Anna is a great asset to the station; she has done a great deal promoting and fundraising for our station at the monthly Night Market. We are lucky to haver her as part of the family. 

–Anna Rose Brailow

Tune into “Out of the Closet into the News” Mondays 10-11 am on WLXU 93.9 FM! 

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