El Oso Cariñoso makes his mark at the Mother's Day Festival

Pictured: Roberto Vasquez (right) – Host of El Oso Cariñoso (Wednesdays 2-3PM and re-aired on Saturday Noon-1PM on El Pulso 95.7FM)
Roberto Vasquez hails from Veracruz, Mexico. He works as a horse trainer in Lexington, KY. In his spare time, he and good friend and radio host partner, Oralia, come together for “La Hora del Oso.” He calls himself, el Oso Cariñoso, or the Cuddly Bear. Their show is hilarious and focused around helping out the community.

Roberto’s presence as M.C. at the Mother’s Day Festival at Masterson Station completely transformed the festival into an atmosphere of laughter and enjoyment. The event was put on by Monica Calleja and the rest of her team through Casa de La Cultura Hispana de Lexington. This is an annual outreach event that provides opportunity for entertainment, but also for Hispanic families to get in touch with organizations such as Maxwell Street Clinic, health services, and more.

Tune in to “La Hora del Oso” Wednesdays 2-3pm on WLXL, El Pulso Latino 95.7!

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