Good Giving Challenge STARTS November 29 !!

We want to let you know that the Good Giving Challenge 2016 is coming up soon! If you weren’t with us last year, GGC is a challenge where the community gets together to donate to 121 non-profits from the Bluegrass region. In 2015 during the Good Giving Challenge, THANKS to people like YOU, Lexington Community Radio raised $34,335. Since we had the most donors in the whole challenge, we received $15,000 in extra endowment awards and were second in overall fundraising! 

We want to do this again, but even better!! Lexington Community Radio challenges you to give to the Good Giving Challenge for the 2016 giving season from November 29-December 31. Together, we can raise money that will help Lexington Community Radio continue to grow.

To learn more about GGC, you can visit: 


You can also become an LCR ambassador by clicking “Start a Fundraiser,” when you go to the above link. All donations acquired through your ambassador page will go directly to LCR.  

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