Anita Franklin, whose son was shot in Duncan Park, addressed council
on a proposed statewide bill to allow concealed carry of guns at age
18 with no training or permit. The LFUCG Council passed a resolution
at the meeting opposing the law that is being considered in Frankfort.



A state senator visited to discuss a controversial gun bill, the
mother of a young man killed on the North side addressed the issue and
a newly elected councilwoman in some legal trouble was present at last
night’s Lexington Fayette Urban County Council meeting.

The council approved a resolution opposing Senate Bill 7, a piece of
proposed legislation that would allow people over the age of 18 to
carry a concealed weapon without a permit or training.

Senator Reginald Thomas spoke in favor of the resolution, citing the
24 murders Lexington had in 2016 as cause for concern about gun
access. He said the Senate’s proposed bill essentially does away with
concealed carry laws.

“We cannot allow that,” Thomas said. “In the last four months I’ve
been to four vigils and two funerals involving people who’ve been
murder victims in our city. One of those funerals was a two-year old.”

Anita Franklin’s son Antonio was shot and killed at Duncan Park in 2014.

She was accompanied by other members of Moms Demand Action, and she
spoke in support of the council’s resolution.

Councilwoman Jennifer Mossotti sponsored the resolution, but said
Thursday that the success of the bill is in the hands of the Senate.

The council also recognized the members of Girl Scout Troop 7433, who
spent time learning about local government with Councilwoman Angela
Evans. The scouts attended the meeting and had a picture taken with

Also, Councilwoman Sasha Love Higgins’ recent felony charges did not
keep her from attending Thursday’s Fayette Urban County Council

Lexington Police spokeswoman Brenna Angel said Higgins is charged with
second-degree forgery, theft by deception and identity theft.

She is accused of writing seven fraudulent checks in the name of an
ex-coworker while she was General Manager of the Hampton Inn,
according to court documents.

The documents said Richard Manning, husband of former hotel employee
Maricela Gomez de Manning, filed the fraud complaint with Lexington
police and recorded a phone call with Higgins in which she admits to
using the payroll account in Manning’s name.

The checks after taxes total $4,226.33, which Higgins arranged with
the company to be deposited in a Metabank account that she withdrew
the money from.

Despite the accusations and a petition on calling for her
resignation, Higgins is continuing to serve as councilmember of
District 2 and is directing questions to Lexington attorney William

Councilwoman Love Higgins’ district includes the Masterson Station,
Leestown Road, Manchester Street and Georgetown Street areas. She was
elected with 55% percent of the vote, defeating incumbent Shevawn
Akers, who had served since 2012.

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  • This article shoul be about the gun law and you made it about Councilwoman Sasha. We are not here to listen to qhat somebody did, we are here to see whats going on with the gun law, but that is what media(reporter). Stay focus on the subject.

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